Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is Nukrete?

Nukrete is a polymer based concrete. When fully cured, it will harden to a density of 8,000 psi, whereas regular concrete is just 2,000 psi. This alone assures that Nukrete will last for many, many years. One installation to check is at the Home Depot store on Ellesmere Road in Scarborough. This was completed back in 1997 and despite the abuse of heavy traffic, including that of fork lifts, the floor area shows little wear or damage.

Where else can I see Nukrete applications?

We’ll be glad to supply you with addresses and other store locations in the Toronto area, some of which are shown on this website which you can navigate to via our home page.

How well does stone mason bond with concrete?

A latex bonding agent is first applied over the existing concrete. This is called ‘Power Bonding’ and assures that the STONE MASON coating will not flake or crumble under any condition, including severe heat or frost.

Is stone Nukrete?

Not if you don’t want it to be. Since Nukrete is a resurfacing medium, NUKRETE can create any type of surface finish you desire from a very coarse, anti-slip texture to a high gloss finish.

Is Nukrete easy to clean?

All installations by NUKRETE are sealed with a quality sealer, which greatly resists staining. Outside of this fact, the smoother the finish, the easier it will be to clean. Naturally, very coarsely textured surfaces are more prone to collect dust and are therefore not as easy to clean as smooth or glossy surfaces.

What colours are available?

Your NUKRETE installer can create almost any colour, either as a single colour or combined with other colours to create a more variegated look. You also have a choice in the colour of the grout.

The height of our concrete is limited. How thick is stone mason?

One of the key advantages of STONE MASON is the thickness of the coating. It’s just 1/8th of an inch.

If Nukrete is to be re-done at a later date, how is the original removed?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be removed. A NUKRETE installer will apply a new coating right over the old.

Please describe the Nukrete warranty program.

In addition to the factory warranty of the product itself, your NUKRETE installation carries a one year warranty against defects in workmanship. We promise to make right what we did wrong.

Can I install Nukrete myself?

STONE MASON can be installed by anyone who is prepared to learn the process of preparing, installing and finishing on a trial and error basis. In addition to the learning curve, there are also the problems of tools you may not need again or leftover product that you cannot return. By contrast, professional NUKRETE installers have the experience, the know-how and can do an installation in a minimum of time.

What about interlocking stone instead of stone mason?

Apart from much higher cost, re-surfacing old concrete with paving stones inherently increases the height of your surface by three inches and is much more prone to fading with time.

What are some other advantages of stone mason that should be considered, particularly as they compare to stone or tile?

For starters, STONE MASON provides many more colour and texturing choices. Secondly, material degradation, such as crumbling or chipping of stone due to heat or frost, is not a problem. Leakage of efflorescent material (white streaks on vertical surfaces), and costly cut and trim fittings around railings and on steps and corners is also a concern. Then there’s a potential height problem, wheras STONE MASON adds just 1/8 of an inch of thickness. Finally, a NUKRETE installation is completed much quicker, resulting in a shorter ‘down’ time.

What are the advantages relative to stamped or impressed concrete?

Stamped concrete is just that, a surface made of concrete. STONE MASON is a concrete finishing system. To compare the two, you must take into consideration that STONE MASON requires a concrete base, either new or existing. Also, if you elect to use stamped concrete to refinish an old concrete surface, you must have a clearance of at least four inches as opposed to just 1/8 of an inch with STONE MASON.

What makes the stone mason superior to other concrete resurfacing systems?

Many other resurfacing products consist of one layer of cement coloured with a second coat of colourant. STONE MASON by NUKRETE is a single layer of solid coloured concrete. As such, with STONE MASON the colour is throughout. This is why STONE MASON doesn’t show any appreciable wear, even after years of heavy traffic.
Another key point is the fact that NUKRETE uses thick paper stencils to outline the patterns. When they are removed after STONE MASON hardens, they leave sharp, raised edges that give STONE MASON that realistic, natural look, as opposed to one-dimensional free-hand images of patterns that are simply scratched into the surface.

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